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Easily Cool & Heat A Single Room Or Open Space With A Split System From Perth’s Air Conditioner Specialists.

Why Choose Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioning?

Ideal for the living area, lounge and bedroom, split system air conditioners are the simple and cost effective way to heat and cool a single room or open space.

Split system air conditioners are cheaper to buy, and since they do not require extensive installation work, they are also cheaper to install & mount.

They feature a discreet design, quiet operation and attractive looks. This makes them a functional, unobtrusive and stylish addition to your home.

And because they exclusively heat and cool individual spaces, they do not waste energy on unnecessary heating or cooling; meaning lower energy costs.

To Consider When Choosing A Split System Air Conditioner

When choosing a split system air conditioner, you should consider the size of the area you want to heat and cool. The height of the ceiling and the amount of floor space will dictate which size unit you need. The larger the space the larger capacity unit required.

Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Split system air conditioners do require a professional installer, however wall mounting & installation is unobtrusive and can normally be completed quickly.

At DACS Air Conditioning & Electrical we carry out a range of installations, including direct back-to-back installations and outdoor unit installations with pipe work.

We also do installations with side exits to outdoor units, installations with outdoor units roof mounted and installations with an internal pipe run.

Split System Air Condition Warranty & System Information

All new split system air conditioners come with a manufacturers warranty and our own comprehensive 2 year installation warranty.

Each system is constructed from premium quality materials, which is why we are among the leading commercial and residential air conditioning installers in Perth.

Split System Air Conditioning Price & Running Costs

Split system wall mounted air conditioners are a good value option for heating and cooling single rooms and open spaces within your home.

They are more energy efficient than many systems and because they only heat and cool individual areas they minimise wasted energy – saving you money.

Prices and running costs depend on the type of system and the property in which it is being installed.

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A split system air conditioner disperses conditioned air from an indoor unit into the home via a wall-mounted panel. An outdoor unit expels the heat gathered from the indoor system. Most people recognise split system air conditioning by their wall-mounted panels that are usually white, between half a meter to one meter wide, and installed around two meters above flooring level.
A split system is probably your best bet if you only want to control the climate for a smaller space, like one room or a small apartment. They work well for rooms up to 60m2.

A split air conditioner comprises an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air handler unit. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, condenser, fan, and expansion valve or coil. The indoor unit consists of the evaporator coil or blower and air filter. This type of air conditioner is used in both residential and commercial settings.

The operation of split air conditioning is relatively simple. The refrigerant, a low-pressure gas, flows through the outdoor unit’s expansion valve or coil. As the refrigerant expands, it cools and turns into a high-pressure liquid. This high-pressure liquid flows through the evaporator coils in the indoor air handler unit. As the refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs heat from the air passing over the coils. The blower fan circulates this cooled air back into the room.

During the heating cycle, the process is reversed. The refrigerant passes through the outdoor unit’s compressor, which is compressed into a high-pressure liquid. This high-pressure liquid then flows through the indoor unit’s evaporator coils, absorbing heat from the air passing over the coils. The refrigerant then returns to the outdoor unit, which releases it into the atmosphere as a low-pressure gas.

The indoor unit should be placed on a wall in a room that allows for balanced airflow and is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.
The outdoor unit of split system air conditioning perth is usually placed next to the room with the indoor unit, which reduces the amount of piping and wiring required to connect them. The outdoor unit expels warm air from the system using a fan, so it’s best to place it in an area that won’t cause discomfort, such as in a corner as far away as possible from any living space. Additionally, ensure enough clearance around the entire unit—at least 10cm on all sides—so that airflow isn’t restricted; if the airflow is restricted, it can lead to compressor failure

A split-air conditioning with multiple indoor units is called a multi-split air conditioner. It operates the same manner as a standard split system but can have up to five indoor units connected to one outdoor compressor unit.
Multi-split systems work best for smaller properties with either one or two indoor units; anything more significant and using a ducted system would be more efficient energy-wise.

The air conditioner’s compressor is responsible for changing the refrigerant temperature by pressuring and depressuring it. In a standard split system, there are two modes for the compressor—full speed or off. When the compressor runs at full speed and achieves the desired temperature, it automatically shuts off. An inverter split system’s compressor can adjust its speed rather than going full pelt until the set temperature is reached so that it may pump just enough refrigerant through the system. This makes an inverter split system around 30% more efficient than a standard one. Inverter technology is found in most modern air conditioners.

Because the compressor in an inverter split system can operate at the correct speed, it is quieter than a conventional split system, which cycles between full and stops. This method of working takes a lot of strain on the compressor’s components, accelerating its wear and necessitating more frequent servicing.

While many split system air conditioners are on the market, three brands–Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Daikin–stand out among the rest. These manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes and various features that make their products more energy efficient and cost-effective.

Reverse cycle air conditioners can generate cool and warm air, becoming increasingly popular among modern split systems. With the refrigeration cycle reversed, the system may create warm air by turning the condenser into an evaporator and the evaporator into a condenser.

A split system air conditioner installation should take no more than a day. It is generally advisable to leave this task to a professional with the experience and expertise to ensure that your air conditioner is installed correctly and works efficiently. The technician will make a small hole in the wall for electrical wiring and piping, but nothing else needs to be changed about the building.

When it comes to air conditioning, a split system is one of the most popular options on the market. But how much does a split system cost? The answer depends on several factors, including the size of the unit, the electrical circuit, and the required air conditioning services. Generally speaking, air-con services can range from $650 to $850, with larger units costing more to install and maintain. However, by carefully choosing an air conditioning unit that fits your needs, you can help to keep costs down. So a split system may be the perfect option if you’re looking for an air conditioning unit that won’t break the bank.

Split air conditioning systems are designed to last many years with proper maintenance. Most air conditioner manufacturers offer a five-year warranty on their products. However, with reasonable care and regular air conditioning services, your split system could last between eight and ten years, but some may last longer if maintained properly. Of course, the lifespan of your air conditioner will also depend on the quality of the unit and the climate in which it is used. It is essential to have your air conditioner serviced every year by a qualified air conditioning technician. This will help to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and help to extend its life.

When it comes to air conditioning perth, size matters, so it’s crucial to choose the right size split system air conditioner for your space. If you have a large room or area, you’ll need a unit with a higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating. On the other hand, if you have a smaller space, you can choose a unit with a lower BTU rating. To find the perfect air conditioner for your needs, consult with a professional air conditioning services perth. They can help you calculate the right BTU rating for your space and provide air-con services to ensure that your unit is installed correctly and running efficiently. In Perth, air conditioning is essential for keeping cool in the summer heat. But with so many air conditioning installs perth on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Let the experts at air con Perth help you find the perfect split system air conditioner for your home or business. Contact us today for air conditioning services that keep you cool all summer.

A split system has two parts: an indoor wall-mounted unit that draws conditioned air into a space and an outdoor compressor that compresses the refrigerant. Electrical wires and high-pressure gas pipes link these two components.
Ducted air conditioning installs prerth, is a system with two units and uses ducts to deliver conditioned air throughout a building. The indoor unit in this type of system is hidden in the ceiling cavity or underneath the floor, making it less visible than in other systems. Rather than blowing conditioned air directly into the room, the air is circulated through ducts and released into the building from vents. Because airflow can be controlled from within the ducting, ducted air conditioning can designate zones throughout the system, which can be turned on and off individually. This allows you to turn the air conditioning off for rooms/zones that aren’t being used, which saves electricity and reduces your power bill.
Ducted air conditioning installs perth is better suited to homes that require a large amount of space to be cooled/heated across multiple rooms.
Both split and ducted systems are operated by remotes, while panels on the wall control ducted systems. Innovative technology can be added to both systems to control them using phones, tablets, and computers.

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